2017 offseason

Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs shareholders approve sale to Mets

The owners of the Syracuse Chiefs have approved of a sale to the New York Mets that will amount to $18 million, according to Newsday. The shareholders achieved the two-thirds vote, and then some, by approving the move by an overwhelming margin of 9,485 shares to 45 shares. The Mets will assume ownership of the team beginning in 2018 and will become the parent club of the Chiefs in 2019, making it their Triple-A Affiliate.

The Chiefs have been the Nationals Triple-A Affiliate since 2009 after being the Blue Jays affiliate for almost 30 years. The Mets will leave behind their current Triple-A Affiliate Las Vegas 51s. This move has received positive acclaim among fans. The main reasons being that moving from Las Vegas to Syracuse will provide a faster travel time for call-ups to the major leagues, and the smaller ballpark in Syracuse will provide more accurate results on whether a prospect is ready to be called up or not.

Photo Credit: Syracuse.com

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