2018 Season

Mets sign Vance Worley to a minor-league deal

The Mets signed RHP Vance Worley to a minor-league contract, and will enter an extended spring training camp before heading to Triple-A Las Vegas or playing in Flushing.

Worley signed with the Reds to a minor-league contract in January, his deal included a spring training invite with the club. Worley opted out of his contract on April 3rd after failing to reach the major league roster, making him a free agent.

Worley has bounced around from team-to-team since making his professional debut in 2010, playing for five clubs in seven seasons at the major-league level. Last season, Worley struggled on the mound for the Marlins. He pitched a 6.28 ERA and a 4.90 ERA in 71.2 innings pitched for Miami. The 30-year old right-hander ended up playing a good stretch of last season in Triple-A New Orleans, where he pitched a paltry 4.43 ERA and 4.77 FIP in eight starts.

Worley’s pitch arsenal is pretty unremarkable. In 2017, his fastball averaged at 90.4 mph, and was worth only 1.4 runs above average in pitch value, while every one of his secondary pitches were worth a negative amount of runs above average in pitch value.

Considering the injury dilemma occurring with Jason Vargas, and the usage the Mets bullpen has seen to open the season, it is unclear how Worley will begin his Mets career: whether he will provide minor-league depth for Las Vegas, or pitch from the bullpen for the Mets.

Photo Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images

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