2018 Season

“Dark Knight” era ends, Matt Harvey designated from assignment

A half-decade long saga marred by injuries, off-field controversy, and plenty of criticism came to an unpleasant conclusion Friday. The Mets announced that Matt Harvey has been designated from assignment, after Harvey declined a demotion to the minor leagues.

In eight games, Harvey pitched a 7.00 ERA and allowed 33 hits and 9 walks in 27 innings pitched this season.

The 29-year old righty has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in his six-year stint with the Mets. After a strong 2015 season coming back from Tommy John surgery, it seemed like Harvey would live up to his “Dark Knight” moniker and become the perennial Cy Young candidate ace many Mets fans believed he could be. These expectations were swiftly crushed when Harvey was hampered by a condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome in the 2016 season, and the corrective surgery that followed did little to mitigate the condition’s effects on Harvey’s pitching.

Many fans became less and less optimistic of Harvey’s future by every passing start, with Harvey struggling on the hill by having a 6.70 ERA and a 6.37 FIP Incoming manager Mickey Callaway was tasked to revitalize Harvey’s now-declining career. After Harvey stumbled out of the gates in 2018, he was relegated to the bullpen. Even after this demotion to a reliever, Harvey continued to struggle. Depressingly, Mets fans’ last memory of Harvey will be a complete annihilation by the Braves where he gave up five runs out of the bullpen on Thursday afternoon.


Photo Credit: Kyusung Gong/Associated Press




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